Computer Maintenance Career

A career position in computer maintenance is that of a computer maintenance technician.  He plays an important role in the installation, monitoring, upgrading, troubleshooting and repair of computers systems and devices.  He works on networks, hardware and software as well.  He is tasked to diagnose the problem, inspect and test the equipment, determine the repair needed, keep records of services done, and estimate the cost.

One is also tasked to assist users regarding the proper use and maintenance of the equipment as well as various software and hardware. A computer-related background is required.

How to become a Computer Maintenance Technician

To become a computer maintenance technician, one must obtain an industry certification or certificate.  Through the program one gains background in networking, electronics, maintenance, trouble shooting, and operation systems.  Obtain an A+ certification through the Computing Technology Industry Association.

To get better employment opportunities, one may pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.  Employers also provide on-the-job training to help the newly hired employee prepare for the job.  Advancement in this type of career requires one to earn continuing education courses or a master’s degree.

Computer Maintenance Courses, training, programs

A certificate program in computer maintenance technology provides the necessary background for those aspiring for an entry-level position in the industry.  An aspiring computer maintenance technician is given background in communication, math, computer information science, DC electronics, AC electronics, digital electronics and microprocessors, solid state electronics troubleshooting and measurements, operating systems, PC hardware maintenance and repair, networking, and data and cabling systems.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

South University (online learning, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia)

Kaplan University (online learning, multiple locations across America)

University of Phoenix (online learning, Arizona)

Capella University (online learning)

American Intercontinental University (online learning, Florida, Georgia, Texas)

Computer Maintenance Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A computer maintenance technician has the opportunity to earn $40,000 per year depending on the work location, employer, experience and benefits.Employment may be found in various companies such as computer maintenance services providers, wholesalers and retailers, manufacturers, and retail shops. One may also become self-employed.

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