Computer Software Engineer Career

Career Description:

The growth in usage of computer systems and softwares has generated a need for development of new computer softwares and latest technology to meet our everyday needs and make life simpler. This is where the importance and requirement of computer software engineers comes into play. A computer software engineer applies the techniques and principles of engineering and computer science to design, develop and create software programs for different purposes.

How to Become a Computer Software Engineer:

In order to become a computer software engineer, one needs to pass with good grades in the Science stream from high school and then go on to sit for an engineering entrance examination so as to enter the field of engineering. Computer software engineering is a 4 year bachelor’s program which must be passed with acceptable grades.

Computer Software Engineer Career Courses, Training and Programs:

A computer software engineer can further take up computer related courses such as Programming and language class of C, C++, and Java etc in order to polish skills. There are many training programs which can be taken up so as to develop further expertise in the field to bag a respectable job.

Computer Software Engineer Career Schools/Colleges, Education:

There is no shortage of schools and colleges which provide computer software engineering courses. Some of the top universities in the world offer this subject as a 4 year program and many independent colleges as well have this as their main engineering stream.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities:

Stanford University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Carnegio Mellon University

University of California Berkeley

Computer Software Engineer Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay:

Computer software engineering is surely one of the most sought after degrees in the world today, given the scope and potential of software programs in the world. The average median salary of a computer software engineer is $89700.

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