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Concept art is a specialized area of study and is more creative than theoretical. The primary objective of concept artists is to create illustrations that production designers can integrate within a film. From sci-fi fantasy to special visual effects, the concept artist works on different paradigms and needs to possess a creative imagination. Concept artists play a defining role in creating animations, sketches, and even 3-D modeling.

How to become a Concept Artist:

There are no associate or master’s programs for concept art although some of the top colleges offer certification courses in specialized subjects like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Computer color sketching, Maya, and 3D Max. One can complete bachelors in fine arts and then pursue specialized courses. It is always important to check whether the courses offered are credible or not and the institution providing it should be accredited. The good news is that one can get hands-on experience even while learning concept art.

Concept art career courses, training, programs:

Finding the right course is very important and it depends on the specialization. Concept art is in itself a specialized area and the different sub-categories of specialization depend on what area one wants to focus on. This will vary according to the need for example:  creating animation characters or creating 3D environments. Depending on the requirement or specialization, one can choose from several courses available from state universities and private institutions.

Concept art career schools/colleges, education:

Concept art curriculum is dependent on the nature of subject chosen. If a prospective concept artist wants to focus on sketching and designing concepts then a course in Adobe Photoshop – basic and advanced would be fruitful. If one wants their focus area to be animation then a course in Flash or Adobe illustrator will be helpful. Similarly for someone opting for 3-D modeling will need training in Maya or 3D max.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York

Parsons new school for design, New York

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

Digital Media Arts College, Florida

The Los Angeles Film School   

Concept Artist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a concept artist in the US varies from $73,000 to $130,000. The average salary for a concept artist in 3D animation is $85,000 and the average hourly rate is $31.78/hr.

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