Construction Architect Career

Career description:

A construction architect focuses on the architectural planning and designing of blue-prints and the stage wise monitoring of its implementation. The person needs to assess the engineering aspects of the project along with the usual statutory rules and environmental norms. Moreover, it is very important for the construction architect to be flawless in applications regarding the safety rules of the architecture. He/she needs to document the proceedings of the project on a day to day basis.

How to become a construction architect:

It is quite essential to have a keen interest on mathematics and engineering, especially civil and mechanical, in order to become a construction architect. One has to love numbers, drawings and analysis. The job demands the concerned person to be very particular about the different aspects of constructing a structure with a vast spectrum of norms fulfilled.

Construction architect career courses, training, programs:

The courses for construction architecture are many in numbers. The key to choose the one that suits a person the best. The programs aim at honing the advanced civil engineering concepts and their practical applications in various instances at the time of constructing a particular structure.

The training modules also focus on the drawing and sketching of the plans in a perfect manner with absolute consideration of each and every minute measurement.

Construction architect career schools/colleges, education:

The schools and colleges in the US are the top educational institutes in the world to impart under-graduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of architectural engineering and studies. The courses have various assignments to equip the candidates with the necessary skills.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Cornell University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Syracuse University

Rice University

Rhode Island School of Design

Construction architect career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There are many realty firms that recruit construction architect. The more opportunities are in the private sector. Even few realty sector consulting companies recruit construction architects. The average starting salary for a new recruit is around $60,000/annum that increases gradually.

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