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One can get construction jobs with varied talents and educational backgrounds.  Construction was ranked among the largest industries in the country till a few years back.  Even now, job openings in construction are expected to continue to grow above normal between the years 2006-16.  A number of jobs are available in building trades, and construction management.  This is directly linked to the demand for more residential and commercial buildings all over the country.

Specialty trades like carpentry, plumbing, heating, air-conditioning, masonry and electrician have the highest number of job openings.  However, in recent times, the demand for professional constructional managers has increased tremendously.  The advanced construction methods and technological developments have created a place for professionally qualified people to take on the jobs.

The maximum number of recruitment opportunities is for construction trades workers, which includes structural workers, finishing workers and mechanical workers.  These workers are included in almost all aspects of the construction business.

Employment opportunities in this industry are spread out in similar proportion to the country’s population.  This is one of the best industries to be in, if you want to move on and start your own company or run your own business.  Construction industry has more number of self-employed people than any other industry in the country.

The pay is dependent on your skills and experience as also the position you are holding.  The salaries in construction jobs are among the highest when compared with other industries.

Career change is another convenient option in a construction career.  You can move on to other related jobs like building inspector, building supply contractor, instructor, town planner and surveyor.

Construction jobs are dependent on various factors which mainly include budget allotment, interest rates and tax laws.  However, the general outlook is that the number of construction jobs will continue to grow because of the increase in demand for both residential and non-residential construction.

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