Construction Estimator Career

A construction estimator is a person who is employed by a construction company to estimate accurately the cost which shall be used to complete a construction project. These employees may work behind the scene but are really important assets of any construction organisation. Some large companies have started using special construction estimator software which is available over the internet, but the old and small companies still believe in hiring estimators to do the Mathematics and make a close estimate. What they do is that they go through all the designs and list of materials and equipments used and calculate the cost covered.

How to become a construction estimator

For this segment of civil engineering, one doesn’t really need to get a Bachelors degree in the same. Any person with a high school certificate and ample of knowledge on carpeting, plumbing, designs, Mathematics and material and equipments used at a construction site can become a construction estimator. This kind of knowledge can also be gained by pursuing training programs or diploma courses in construction works. But it is still an advantage for those who have completed a Civil engineering degree.

Construction estimator courses, training and programs

A construction estimator should have a strong hold over Mathematics and should have general interest in the construction business. He may not be required to do anything on site, but needs to have theoretical knowledge of all the aspects. Therefore the applicant can train himself by working at a site for a few months for practical experience or either gets a certificate by doing a diploma course for at least a year.

Top 5 colleges and universities

Stanford University

Georgia Tech University

Texas University

California University

Massachusetts University

Construction estimator job opportunities, recruitment and salary

People working on this position can earn handsomely well. The base salary is somewhere around $40000 to $60000 annually. The scope for promotion is average and depends from company to company but getting through can be a tough job due to huge competition.

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  1. Adnan hussain says:

    Hi i have completed my graduation as B.E civil in 2009, i worked 2 years as a site engineer now i want to do estimator job

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