Construction Foreman Career

Career description:

A construction foreman does supervisory tasks in particular construction sites. He/she looks after the maintenance of the equipments at the site. The person is also, in certain cases, in charge of installing various utilities at the construction site. The construction foreman is one of the staffs who are in charge of maintaining the safety norms at the site. He/she also has to coordinate the construction laborers to perform the actions as an efficient unit.

How to become a construction foreman:

A construction foreman needs to have a high school certificate in the science stream and with decent grades. He/she has to have the advanced knowledge about constructing a structure and the various technical details involved in it.

It is not uncommon that some of the construction foremen have a diploma in the field of construction engineering or/and architectural engineering. The construction foreman has to gain experience in drawing the sketches of the architectural plans, and analyzing it before implementation.

Construction foreman career courses, training, programs:

There are different types of courses that are quite useful for a person interested in becoming an efficient construction foreman. The training modules aim at imbibing the required expertise in person who is keen to establish himself/herself as a construction foreman. From installing utilities to maintenance of various equipments at the construction site, the programs tend to teach every aspect at this context in thorough details, and in many cases, with practical case studies.

Construction foreman career schools/colleges, education:

There are several accredited training institutes and schools in the US that are excellent places to learn the finer points of construction engineering and architectural planning.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Oklahoma University

Oregon College

Ohio State University

University of San Francisco

Delaware University

Construction foreman career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The market at current situation is promising for the construction foremen. The average starting salaries at a decent construction firm are $35,000/annum. The public sector firms also need such professionals and provide the usual government employee benefits.

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