Contract Advertising Career

Career Description:

A Contract advertiser is a kind of an advertising position which is taken by the advertiser on a contractual basis. A contract advertiser works in the advertising agency and helps clients to come up with attractive and creative ad campaigns and advertising lines etc but only for a fixed period of time and for a predefined sum of money or payment.  If you want to find out more information about a career in the field of contract advertising, then you can read the following.

How to become a Contract Advertiser?

There is no definite stream of studies to become a contract advertiser and one can take up any short term course which teaches the basics of advertising, marketing, public relations, journalism etc. One should possess a passing certificate of high school in order to be accepted at the job of a contract advertiser.

Contract Advertising career courses, training and programs:

Candidates can opt for short term and long term courses in advertising and mass media at several institutes and centers. Here, people are taught about the importance of advertising for a business and the other basics associated with this position such as excellence at public relations, creative thinking, out of the box ideas, marketing, business administration etc. There are several internships and training programs which too help an individual to excel in this field of work.

Contract Advertising career schools/colleges, education:

There are many institutes, colleges and career schools which provide the education, skills and knowledge which are required to get selected for the advertising position in a company.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Clark University

University of Illinois

Hampton University

Barry University

Contract Advertising job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary of a person working as a contract advertiser is $62000. This salary may vary depending upon the creative skills of the candidate and the contract terms.

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