Career Description: Controllers are in charge of planning, coordinating and providing reports on the financial activities of companies. Their day to day job description involves auditing of financial records, bookkeeping, setting controls for maximum effectiveness and integrity and setting financial policies.  Controllers are usually in charge of all the financial records in a company. They usually report directly to the Board of Directors or the President of the company.

How to Become a Controller

You will need thorough training in accounting and finance to follow a controller career path. This is because you need to be widely informed on accounting practices. Apart from you Bachelors Degree, you will need an MBA or a MAcc. This will lead to recruitment for executive job positions in organizations.

It is important that you learn data processing using computers since it makes record keeping in accounting easier.

Become a CPA and get certified. Examples of certifications include the Certified Management Accountant (CMA). This will considerably increase your chances of being hired.

Finally, the most important thing you need in this career path is experience. A controller career is not an entry level position. You will need to work your way up the corporate ladder by being promoted through various accounting positions

If you intend to work for the government as a controller, you will need to pass the civil service exam.

Career Paths: You have the choice of working for banks, insurance companies and large corporations if you follow this career path.

CONTROLLER CAREER Courses, Training, Programs and Certificates.

A college degree in Accounting, business, Finance or any related degree will lead you to a controller career path.

Some of the classes that are a must for you to study in your training program, regardless of which degree course you choose include Cost Accounting, Budget Accounting, Statistics and Management.

The objective of a controller training program should be to offer you exposure on diverse ways of business management.

You will need a high school diploma as a prerequisite for admission into a degree course. You may also need to sit entrance exams.

TOP 5 Colleges/Universities to become controller.

Ashford University-Certification Online course

Argosy University in California

Strayer University in Delaware

University of Phoenix in Illinois

Jones International University in Colorado

CONTROLLER Job Opportunities, Salaries.

The job outlook for those in the controller career is good. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that there will be increased opportunities for those in top level management opportunities.

The average pay for controllers is $167,000. Since controllers have reached the most senior position in their career ladder, most of them will move to controller job positions in bigger organizations that offer them better salary and benefits.

You can begin your job search for a controller position by looking for accounting jobs from you college’s job placement office. You can also start off by joining executive training programs and working your way up from junior to senior positions and finally a controller. You can also use private and public employment offices to find jobs. Note that not everyone who starts out as a junior accountant will end up as a controller. Only a few people end up becoming controllers, therefore the general advice is to work hard and be very competitive to advance ahead.

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