Corporate Treasurer Career

Career Description

As the title indicates the job of corporate treasurer is directly related with treasury work that means taking care of financial products for business development. It need to manage all the cash and capital inflow and out flow of company (short-medium-long term) and the concerned person is responsible to look for fund raising through various modes. The designated person would be responsible to make investment, risk management and finance management policies of company with a regular analysis of them as well.

How to Become A Corporate Treasurer

Those people who have a keen interest in finance, stocks, investment banking etc, for them it’s an ideal job. You need a basic bachelor degree in finance, economics, audit or business management. You can even work under a professional to get experience of the field. Besides one should be good in making corporate relation and excellent communications skills with basic computer knowledge is a must thing.

Corporate Treasurer Career Training Programme, Courses

Many reputed American colleges and universities are running business administration courses and advance study programmes in finance field. However ACT is providing a recognized programme in treasury, it syllabus include all the fundamentals of treasury. A master degree in related field will give you a cutting edge and excellent command over the subject.

Corporate Treasurer School/Colleges/Education

All leading colleges, universities and B-schools are running such courses in bachelor and master level. It would be better if you join some advance diploma and certificate progammes in finance.

Top 5 School/Colleges/Universities

  1. Harvard Law School
  2. University of Southern California
  3. Wharton University of Pennsylvania
  4. Mc-Combs University of Texas
  5. Berkley University

Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salaries

Corporate treasurer job is an essential function of all companies no matter whether they are small or large. Therefore, the salaries for experienced and efficient candidates are quite good. They vary from $37, 340 to $139, 278 and this data also changes according to junior and senior ranks.

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  1. Luis Pacheco says:


    I am interested in a possible career in treasury. I recently graduated and I’m working in corporate finance as a financial analyst in a financial planning and analysis department.

    Aside from the CPA, I’ve considered obtaining a CTP. Would it be better for me to not do a CTP and do the ACT program? Or both?

    I am looking into requirements to getting into treasury and what is needed to grow in treasury.


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