Cosmetologist Career

In a world where one wants to look their best and their physical appearance is important, there is a licensed professional who can take care of it.  A cosmetologist makes a living by making others look and feel good.   This career revolves around grooming, skin and nail care.  A cosmetologist is trained in hair styling, cutting, and treatment.  He may be trained to do manicure, pedicure, facial treatments and make-up.  Aside from providing beauty services, one must look good as well.  An individual vying for this career must have a heart for customer service.

How to become a Cosmetologist

To become a cosmetologist one must be a high school graduate.  There are vocational schools or accredited cosmetology schools where one can get trained in cosmetology.  After undergoing cosmetology training programs, one can move further and take an associate degree in cosmetology.  Aside from a cosmetology degree one can get an internship to get practical training.   Internships can be done in beauty salons or barber shops.  After one graduates he should be ready to take his licensing exam.  One must obtain a license for a specific service he would want to render.  There are separate licenses for each type of work.

Cosmetologist Courses, training, programs

The cosmetology program covers general care and treatments for hair, skin and nails.  One is also trained in the various techniques of styling, coloring and make-up application.  An individual may choose to specialize in just one aspect of cosmetology.  He may choose to focus on hair care only or skin care only.  A cosmetologist gets training while on the job.  As he goes along his job, he is able to do more complicated tasks and techniques.   A cosmetologist may take additional training programs and be updated with the newest trends in cosmetology.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Empire Beauty Schools

Milan Institute of Cosmetology

Marinello Schools of Beauty

Regency Cosmetology Institute

Miller-Motte Technical College

Cosmetologist Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A licensed cosmetologist can work in salons, barber shops, spas and resorts.   One can also start his own business in cosmetology.  A cosmetologist may earn from $14,287 to $47,137. Cosmetology is one promising career.

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