Career Description: A cost accountant deals with analyzing and handling all aspects that deal with the cost of manufacturing and distribution of products for an accounting firm. Using this decision, the management of the organization will be able to make better choices as concerns their production process especially on how to minimize costs and streamline processes.

On a day to day basis, you will need to understand how production is affected by the fixed assets in the company, the materials, labor and output volume. Every company has its own formula for calculating its production costs. The bigger the company, the more complex the formula they use, due to the many variables in the production process.

How to Become a Cost Accountant

The least requirement is Bachelors degree in Accounting or Finance.

Also, you need to familiarize yourself with accounting packages that are being used a that time.

You can advance your studies and pursue an MBA with an accounting specialization.

Certification such as the Certified Management Accountants (CMA) is important for employers during job recruitments.

A CPA qualification will improve your career path prospects.

Career Paths: You can choose to be hired by organizations to work as a full time cost accountant. Alternatively, your career path can lead you to starting your own accounting practice.

COST ACCOUNTING CAREER Courses, Training, Programs and Certificates.

You have the option of pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting or a Business Administration Degree if you are interested in a cost accounting career.

Some of the common classes in cost accounting career programs whether campus based or certification online courses include Business Finance, Business Strategy and Policy, Cost Accounting, Principles of Management and Management Information systems. As a cost accounting student, your objective should be to understand key business concepts and financial analysis in money, banking, law and IT.

As prerequisite to joining the degree programs for a cost accounting career, you will need a GPA of 3.0 or above to gain admission. You will also sit entrance exams. You need to have excellent scores in these exams to be considered for admission. You will also be required to submit your high school transcripts and statement of purpose.

TOP 5 Colleges/Universities to become cost accountant.

Rasmussen College which has campuses in North Dakota, Florida and Wisconsin

Sullivan University in Kentucky

Robert Morris College in Illinois

Minnesota School of Business in Minnesota

Westwood College in Atlanta, Georgia, Los Angeles, California

COST Accountant Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment.

The job outlook for cost accountants is bright since most companies are looking to streamline their production processes due to globalization. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected that there will be an increase of 14% in job opportunities for cost accountants between 2008 and 2014.

Your job search for a cost accounting career can be conducted online. You can also visit job boards for the latest jobs. You can also approach firms which usually hire cost accountants directly. Alternatively, you can look up the classifieds section in the newspapers to see whether they have any new listings.

The average pay for those in the cost accounting career is $54,000. The amount of salary you earn largely depends on your experience and level of education

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