Court Reporter Career

If one desires to be a part of the legal system, a career in court reporting is an option.  A career in court reporting requires one to have good writing and listening skills.  A court reporter transcribes conversations with in court hearings or proceedings, meetings, legal discussions and other legal assemblies.  One’s job is to create records that are accurate or exact.  It is a job where one has to have an excellent typing speed and a good foundation in grammar.  At times, a court reporter also assists judges and attorneys in organizing information and researching reports.  One can make suggestions regarding court administration and procedures.  This career requires determination, focus and discipline.

How to become a Court Reporter

One can take one step forward towards court reporting by getting a degree in court reporting.  To become a court reporter, one must ready himself for intensive training.  Training will depend on what type of reporting one wants to do.  One may choose to be a voice writer or an electronic reporter or transcriber.  There are areas where a license or certification is required.  Certifications can help a court reporter advance in his career.  Gaining experience as a court reporter can help one become eligible to take additional certification exams.

Court Reporter Courses, training, programs

Degree programs focus on skills training on scoping, transcription, stenography, reporting and captioning.  A student is also introduced to the software used in court reporting.  There are training programs available for students desiring management positions.  After completing the necessary coursework and training programs one is more than equipped to practice court reporting.   Aside from these, training is also provided by the employer.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Sumner College

Bryan College Online

The Stenotype Institute

Business Informatics Center

Colorado Technical University

Court Reporter Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A court reporter may work on legal offices, courtrooms, and conventions.  There is also a chance for one to work in a home office as a freelancer or contractor.   A self-employed court reporter can work flexible hours as compared to an official court reporter.  The salary of a court reporter ranges from $32,307 to $88,430.

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