Creative Advertising Career

A career in creative advertising is an exciting career for those who wish to make use of their creative angles and skills. This field of advertising is for those who are good at creating attractive and effective advertising ideas. There are certain educational qualifications and skills which are required for a person to become a creative advertiser. You can refer to the following given information about a career in creative advertising to know more.

How to become a Creative Advertising:

If you are someone who thinks that you will be able to do a great job at advertising, then the most basic requirement for you is to pass high school from an accredited school. After school you can either opt for a long term advertising or mass media course or pursue graduation in any other discipline. But in such a way, you would have to do a short term advertising related course so that you can understand the basics of this field before applying for a job.

Creative Advertising career courses, training, and programs:

There are many short term courses in mass media, advertising, marketing etc which can be taken by a person who is interested in creative advertising. Infact many advertising companies train candidates and provide them with the exposure and experience that is required for this field of work. A course in public relations, sales management etc can also prove to be useful.

Creative Advertising career schools/colleges, education:

The college or institute from which you pursue your advertising related education must offer subjects like advertising, business administration, public relations, public speaking, political science, technical and creative writing etc. there are many such colleges and universities with a curriculum in these subjects. You can refer to the following for more information.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

York University

Texas University

George University

Boston University

Creative Advertising job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A creative advertising professional is likely to earn an average median salary of $89000.

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