Creative Advertising Career

Career Description:

As a creative adman, you will be selling services and products to consumers after convincing them through your advertisements. Producers spend large sums in advertising because it can create a demand for their products among consumers despite the presence of alternatives. In short, it can make or break businesses. As a creative adman, you will be required to identify the market and make the product appealing.

How to become a creative adman:

You need to build on your creativity and develop skills where you can apply your creativity. You should have a strong resume and a portfolio for a creative adman would be one that highlights lots of experience in writing, speaking, marketing and managing. Enroll yourself in Creative Advertising major for your Bachelor’s degree; also, do other courses like history, English, theatre, etc. that will enhance your creativity and knowledge.

Creative advertising training, programs:

The undergraduate degree for Creative Advertising imparts skills like photography, documentary making, communication skills and also theoretical knowledge like culture, the history and effect of advertisement, etc. You will intensely train on the different forms of communication which is basically what advertising is about, communicating with the consumers.

Creative advertising schools/ colleges, education:

There are a number of colleges in the US offering degrees in creative advertisement. Also, if you wish to major in another subject despite aspiring for a career in creative advertisement, you can also enroll yourself in diploma programs.

Top 5 colleges/ universities:

  • University of Illinois at Urban - Champaign
  • University of Florida, Gainesville
  • University of Texas, Austin
  • Boston University
  • University of Alabama

Creative advertisement job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

You have a range of options for yourself as a creative adman. You can either become a freelance adman or work for an agency. The starting salary is $60,000 per year and has no upper limit. You can earn as much as you want when you are a master adman.

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