Credit data Analyst Career

Career Description:

The job of a credit data analyst is highly technical as it involves analysis of credit lending of financial institutions like banks, etc. This needs the candidates to have found financial understanding and analytical skills so that they are able to measure the risks due to credit payments to the clients and suggest improvements in credit lending practice of banks.

How to become a Credit data Analyst:

To become a credit data analyst, interested candidates can pursue management courses in finance and accounting and develop strong mathematical and reasoning abilities. Candidates can easily get employment into credit rating firms and banks if they possess hands on experience in this field.

Credit data Analyst Career courses, training, programs:

Various training programs conduct courses in finance and accounting wherein they focus on subjects like investment decision making, bank lending and borrowing, financial markets, investment risk management, etc. These topics will help the candidates become sound credit data analysts.

Credit data Analyst Career schools/colleges, education:

Many colleges and universities are spread all across the US that train students on courses in finance. Students should try to learn the theoretical concepts and apply them in practical scenarios.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Keiser University

Westwood College

ITT Technical Institute

Jones International University

Capella University

Credit data Analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

There are many job openings in financial institutions to pursue a career as a credit data analyst. Most of the opportunities to work as credit data analyst can be found in banking firms, financial services companies, commercial banking companies, manufacturing and distribution, auto lending and financing companies, etc. Most of the professionals who are working as credit data analyst in the US have about 1-5 years of experience. According to the salary estimates release by Pay Scale after thorough salary research, it has been found that the annual compensation of a credit data analyst can range anywhere between $31,000 and $66,000 with the median salary being $46,000 annually.

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