Crime Scene Investigator Career

Career Description:

A career in crime scene investigation gives one an opportunity to be part of the solution to a particular crime.  The responsibilities of a crime scene investigator include collecting and analyzing evidence.  Securing the crime scene allows one to protect and preserve evidences to be used as basis for conviction.  A crime scene uses these evidences to trace the events of the crime.  It is his job to document and report findings and at times takes a stand in court.  The scope of a crime scene investigator’s duties and responsibilities highly depend on the agency he works for.  The crime scene investigator must be good at research and analysis.  Having an eye for detail will help one do his job excellently.

How to become a Crime Scene Investigator

One may pursue a career in crime scene investigation by earning a certificate or bachelor’s degree in crime justice.  While a high school diploma may be enough, a degree makes one a more suitable choice for the job.  Get an internship in a local police department and gain much experience.  Get mentored and learn the techniques in crime scene investigation.  Having formal education and practical experience makes one a good choice for this type of career. Pursuing higher studies to earn a master degree program will help one advance in his career.

Crime Scene Investigator Courses, training, programs

Criminal justice courses provide a background in criminology, criminal justice, criminal law, crime theories, control strategies, crime analysis, research, and law enforcement.  There are also electives that cover topics in behavior, rehabilitation and other aspects of criminal justice.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Maryland, Maryland

State University of New York-Albany, New York

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Rutgers state University, New Jersey

University of Missouri-St. Louis, Missouri

Crime Scene Investigator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A crime scene investigator may earn from $25,000 to 55,000 per year depending on his education and experience.   Employment may be secured in various sectors or industries. An individual may be hired in local police stations, laboratories, production companies, television networks, colleges or universities.  Some do private practice.

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