Criminal Intelligence Analyst Career

A criminal intelligence analyst career is a very exciting and specialized one. Such an individual helps the various law-enforcing agencies in analyzing a criminal’s statements, physical reactions and behavioral tendencies in order to arrive at certain assumptions about a particular case. The field is incredibly sophisticated, especially with the advent of new technology. The task is a challenging one but job satisfaction is enormous and it is very interesting.

How to become a criminal intelligence analyst:

There are many parts to the job of a criminal intelligence analyst. Such a person needs a combination of formal education, technical education and skill-based education to provide important information to law-enforcing agencies in order to apprehend criminals and provide justice.

Criminal intelligence analyst career courses, training, programs:

The training programs which are mandatory for a criminal intelligence analyst include training in the use of investigative software applications, geographic systems, analysis of statistics, and how to design a research proposal. Most importantly the task of these training programs is to ensure that potential criminal intelligence analysts think analytically and understand the mind of a criminal.

Criminal intelligence analyst career schools/colleges, education:

In terms of formal education, a candidate must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, criminal psychology, behavioral science, psychology, criminal justice or any other related field. This should be consolidated by obtaining a Master’s degree in any of these fields. This will beef up the CV of the candidate and open more jobs for him.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Grand Canyon University

University of Phoenix

Walden University

Capella University

Criminal intelligence analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The approximate salary range of a criminal intelligence analyst is between 33,000 to 52,000 USD. This depends on whether the individual is affiliated to a governmental agency or a non-governmental agency and how many years of work he has put in.

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