Criminal Law Paralegal Career

Career Description:

The criminal law paralegal does some work that was commonly done by a lawyer.  Both administrative and clerical duties are part of one’s daily routine.  Under the supervision of a lawyer, the criminal law paralegal is to interview witnesses, do legal researches, prepare or file legal documents, and prepare materials and evidences needed for court trials.  At times, he also handles and drafts motions and briefs as needed by the lawyer.  As the name suggests, one specializes in handling and preparing for criminal cases.  The career of a criminal law paralegal takes on responsibilities that are similar to that of a lawyer but does not go beyond taking cases, setting fees and representing a client in court.  The criminal law paralegal need not go to law school to practice his career but extensive training and formal education will help one become successful.

How to become a Criminal Law Paralegal

An aspiring criminal law paralegal must earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.  One may opt for a certificate program for paralegals, but having a degree increases one’s chance for career advancement.  Training programs offer practical training.  With practical training, one gains the necessary skills for this type of career.  Obtain certification through various certifying organizations.  Though a certification is not a requirement in some firms, it will give one an edge over the other aspiring criminal law paralegals.

Criminal Law Paralegal Courses, training, programs

Paralegal studies prepare one for the duties and responsibilities of paralegal work.  The program includes topics such as law, legal research, legal writing, civil litigation, criminal law and procedure, administration, contracts, torts, business organizations and civil law. Electives and internships are also offered for a student to gain broader knowledge and enhanced skills.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Berkeley College, New Jersey

Daymar College, Kentucky

Fremont College, California

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina

University of California, San Diego

Criminal Law Paralegal Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A criminal law paralegal may find and secure employment in private firms or government offices. One has the opportunity to earn from $26,880 to $63,981 per year.

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