Criminal Profiling Career

Career Description:

Criminal profiling, also known as offender profiling, is a tool that helps an individual profile unknown criminals or offenders.  Criminal profiling is done by a criminal profiler. The criminal profiler investigates how the crimes were committed by reviewing the evidence, looking for patterns, developing theories and recreating the crime. One is tasked to come up with a psychological profile.  The psychological profile will help in identifying the criminals or offenders.  After profiling, one writes a detailed report that is given to police. This is used to find leads.  A criminal profiler may be asked to testify and explain their assessment, how they came up with the profile and how it fits the accused.

How to become a Criminal Profiler

The path towards criminal profiling starts by earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology or criminal justice.  Pursue graduate studies and earn a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology.  Get into law enforcement education and training. Start as a police officer or a field agent.  One gains hands-on training and experience in profiling and investigation procedures.  After gaining at least 3 years of experience as an officer or agent, one can then take chance in becoming a criminal profiler through the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crimes.  Meet certification and licensing requirements to be able to practice as a criminal profiler.

Criminal Profiling Courses, training, programs

Courses for an aspiring criminal profiler cover the study of the human mind and behavior, research and writing.  One develops skills in analytical, critical and creative thinking as well as communication.  One gains the ability to understand behavior.  Practical training provides an avenue where one can apply theories and one gets a chance to be immersed in criminal investigation.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of California-Los Angeles, California

University of Washington, Washington

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin

University of California-Berkeley, California

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minnesota

Criminal Profiling Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A criminal profiler has a chance to earn from $34,000 to $106,000 per year depending on one’s education and experience.  One may work under law enforcement, research centers, schools, coroner’s office, or to independent work.

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