Criminology Career

Career Description:

Criminology opens a career option as a criminologist.  A criminologist is an important part in achieving justice by determining patterns that may be a probable cause for a specific crime.  It is his responsibility to analyze criminal behavior and methods used to determine criminal behavior. He is tasked to do research and document findings at the crime scene.  The career of a criminologist entails one to gain sufficient training and experience to determine the effects of law enforcement methods and strategies on the crime rate.  A criminologist must be analytical and has a good sense of judgment.

How to become a Criminologist

The path towards a career in criminology is through a bachelor’s degree in psychology, sociology, criminology or criminal justice.  Course electives such as computer science, writing, logic and statistics will help become further equipped in this type of career. Earn a master’s degree in behavioral sciences. Deciding to move further to take a doctorate degree in criminology, sociology or psychology allows one to gain more skills and knowledge.  It also allows room for a career in teaching as well.  While studying, one may take internships to gain practical skills.  Depending on one’s location or state, obtain a license through a licensure exam.

Criminology Courses, training, programs

Various degree programs provide an aspiring criminologist relevant knowledge and skills to practice his career.  Specific course programs gives one a background in criminal or human behavior, criminology, crime justice, crime theories, crime analysis, crime control strategies, criminal law, crime justice research, rehabilitation and health principles.  One also studies how to analyze, assess, interpret, and evaluate behavior.  Going through these courses or training programs gives an aspiring criminologist the desired skills to bring about understanding and solutions to criminal issues.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of Arizona, Arizona

California Baptist University, California

University of Alabama-Birmingham, Alabama

University of Memphis, Tennessee

University of Maine, Maine

Criminology Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The average salary of a criminologist ranges from $30,209 to $58,678 per year.  One may find work in various law enforcement agencies, state agencies or federal agencies. Others pursue teaching in universities and colleges.

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  1. Heena Samant says:

    I want to pursue criminology as my career… i just want to know how can i do it??? do i have to give any entrance??? If yes then where and how can i prepare for it??? I am in 3rd year doing BA hons in philosophy… Am i eligible???

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