Cruise Line Career

A cruise line career is one where you will be required to work in a cruise ship. If you are an adventurous person, who likes to travel and see the world as you make an extra buck, then a cruise line career is for you. You will get to meet lots of different people and experience different cultures all over the world.

How to Have a Cruise Line Career

After getting your high school diploma, it is important that you get college education. You will need at least a Diploma or degree in your area of interest in which you can work in a cruise ship.

Though it is not a must, it will be helpful if you could learn at least one foreign language, since you will be meeting with a number of people from different cultures and nationalities.

Types, Description, Information

There are many career paths available for people who are pursuing cruise line careers. For instance, some of the common career paths for those working in cruise ships are Videographers, onshore excursion staff, hostess, lifeguards, Dancers, Disc Jockeys, Bar Staff, Restaurant workers, Beauticians, Fitness Instructors, Singers, Comedians, childcare workers among others.

You can choose to work in luxury ships or work in the smaller vessels and ferries.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Some of the degree or diploma training programs you could pursue in order to pursue include Culinary Arts, Beauty, Hospitality and Management, Cruise Consultant Training, Restaurant Management, Wine Studies and Baking and Pastry among others.

Most colleges will require a high school diploma as a prerequisite to admission.

Some of the classes that are included in Cruise ship training programs include Geography of cruising, customer service and Introduction to the cruise industry.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

The objective of any cruise training program should be to enlighten you about the cruise industry and give you cruise techniques. If you are undertaking a certification online program, mostly, you will be given online resources and links to websites for further study. The five prominent colleges that offer cruise line career courses in the United States include:

  • Keiser College in Florida
  • The School of Travel Industry Management in Hawaii
  • Johnson and Wales University in Miami
  • Carnival College, Florida
  • Nova Southeastern University, Florida

Cruise Liner Jobs Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

The job outlook, for those in the cruise line career is quite favorable since the ship industry is facing some of its best times ever. Since 2000, major cruise line companies have churned out at least 81 ships and more are expected to be produced in 2009. It is estimated that about 5-10 ships will be produced every year. The ship industry is said to be the fastest growing industry. Therefore, be assured there are many jobs available in the cruise line industry.

You can begin your job search with an entry level position since there are many of these available. You can work as a deck hand, assistant in recreation or food service sector. From there, you can work your way to your desired designation. You can be hired on any cruise ship, regardless of your nationality.

The pay for those working on cruise ships vary according to one’s job description and level of professionalism involved. But on general terms, you can be paid $1400-$2000 per month, plus tips. On a yearly basis the average is about 52,000$.

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