Customer Service Training Career

Career Description:

A customer service training career revolves around training an organization’s staff and newly hired employees to be able to provide excellent customer service.  Customer service training is an integral part of the growth of an organization.  It determines an organization’s position in the market.  Customer service training requires the expertise of a customer service trainer to efficiently and effectively facilitate a training program.  To do this, a customer service trainer must be able to plan, develop, implement and evaluate a training program based on the organization’s expectations.  It is a must that an individual must be highly exposed in the field of providing customer service before gaining his trainer position.  A customer service trainer must have excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.

How to become a Customer Service Trainer

To move up to the position of a customer service trainer, one must start as a customer service representative. This is an entry-level position that requires one to at least have a high school diploma or GED.  Gain experience through mentorship. Get mentored by the organization’s seasoned customer service trainers. It is a must that an individual brush up on his communication and presentation skills. Getting into customer service training programs will help one in gaining confidence and become ready for this type of career.  Seek advancement as a trainer and acquire more skills.  In the long run, one may have an opportunity run his own business providing customer service training for various organizations. Continue to take courses, take train-the-trainer programs and attend seminars to gain more knowledge and skills.

Customer Service Training Courses, training, programs

Customer service training programs provides courses that will allow one to gain knowledge and skills in providing customer service, communication, team building, management, and problem resolution.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

El Paso Community College, Texas

International Business School, Texas

Community College of Baltimore County Continuing Education, Maryland

Milwaukee Area Technical School, Wisconsin

Laney College, California

Customer Service Training Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A customer service trainer may find employment in both the public and private sector.  One may earn an average of $45,248 annually.

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