Data Analysis Manager Career

Data analysis manager career revolves around developing, analyzing, and managing statistical data. Data analysis is an integral function in several specialized sectors like the healthcare industry, economical research etc. The starting point in a career focusing on data analysis is data analyst although higher education and experience can help one in starting their career as a manager as well. The nature of work for a data analysis manager involves collecting and analyzing data using data software or an analytical software like SPSS or SAS.

How to become a Data Analysis Manager:

In order to become a data analysis manager, one has to be a statistical or econometrical graduate. A bachelor’s degree in statistics or economics from an accredited institution is good enough. A master’s degree or PhD can be very helpful in enhancing their career prospects. Some top institutions even offer certification courses in applied statistics. Apart from this one has to show some of experience in statistical or econometrical research based report preparation as well.

Data Analysis Manager Career courses, training, programs:

The first step towards becoming a data analysis manager starts with the accomplishment of an under graduate program with economics or statistics major. The three most important subjects in these programs that one needs to opt for are actuarial science, mathematical statistics, and applied statistics. The under graduate programs vary from 3-4 years depending on the educational institution. Those who want to develop their skills in advanced data analysis methods can pursue a PhD. Part-time students have the option of pursuing the Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied Statistics (CAS) or Master of Industrial Statistics (MIS) program through distance education.

Data Analysis Manager Career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top-of-the-lines and accredited universities offering under graduate, graduate, PhD, and certification programs for prospective data analysis managers. Some of the key areas in the undergraduate study include quantitative methods for data analysis, modeling randomness, statistical principles, empirical reasoning, and quantitative finance among others.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard University

University of South Carolina

Purdue University

Virginia Tech

Stanford University   

Data Analysis manager job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The current average salary in the US for a data analysis manager varies from $75,000 to $87,000 annually. The average salary for senior data managers is $111,324 and can reach a maximum of $131,000 annually.

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