Database Designer Career

Career Description

The main role of a database designer is to create and manage databases for different organizations of varied sizes, complexities and requirements. The demand for good database designers is present in every industry because every organization in today’s era manages its own database for the growth and better management of the organization. The job of a database designer is specialized one and candidate should be aware of the database designing techniques.

How to become a Database Designer:

To become a database designer, candidates are required to have an educational background in computer sciences with a special focus on subjects like DBMS, RDBMS, SQL, etc. Candidates who have done internships or full time work in organization as a database designer will be preferred over the others.

Database Designer career courses, training, programs:

Many courses and training programs teach courses in computer sciences and those related to database management and maintenance. Candidates should have good analytical skills and excellent troubleshooting skills so that he or she can develop programs and manage databases with least downtime.

Database Designer career schools/colleges, education:

Students can choose from a variety of programs being offered from different schools, colleges, and universities. Some of the top universities are listed below for students’ convenience.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Virginia College

ITT Technical Institute

Keiser University

Capella University

American Inter Continental University

Database Designer job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Candidates who aspire to become database designers can find no dearth of opportunities if they possess the relevant education and experience. Popular industries that have openings for the position of a database designer are Information Technology (IT) services, health care industry, education – colleges and universities, financial services, banking firms, etc. Employers would expect candidates to possess a relevant work experience of at least 1-4 years to be eligible for the position of a database designer. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale that has conducted extensive research in the United States on the salaries paid out to various professionals, the annual compensation of a database designer can be from $34,000 to $79,000 with the median salary being $54,000 approximately.

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