Dental Assistant Career

A dental assistant is one of the most privileged employees.  There is a high demand for dental assistants. More and more dentists look for dental assistants to help them do basic and simple tasks for them.  This career has much room for growth.  The dental assistant is exposed in office and laboratory tasks which gives one an opportunity to be trained on how to take care of patients.  One is also tasked to prepare dental materials and equipments to be used.  This career paves a way for a better and higher-paying job.  A clear look at this career path may be the next best thing one may decide on.

How to become a Dental Assistant

In high school, one has to be exposed to the sciences such as chemistry, biology, and health.  One must get into a training program designed for aspiring dental assistants.  They say that there is no substitute for hands-on training.  There are diploma and certificate programs that one can take to start his career.  One can also take an associate degree in dental assisting before getting certified, registered or licensed as a dental assistant.

Dental Assistant Courses, training, programs

The degree taken by a dental assistant student can very well equip one before he starts working.  Skills are often learned while on the job.  It is usually the dentist who they work with who trains his dental assistant with routine procedures, basic tasks and dental equipments used.  Eventually the dental assistant works with little supervision.  Working with highly technological equipment requires a dental assistant to complete safety examinations.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Apollo College

ATI Career Training Center

Career Centers of Texas

Concorde Career College

Everest College

Dental Assistant Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A dental assistant earns an average of $32,380 a year.  After having trained as a dental assistant one can do further studies and become a dental hygienist.  A dental assistant can move up the career ladder and become an office manager, trainer, or even go into sales and marketing.  There is much more to a dental assistant career than you can see.  There is much room for growth and financial rewards.

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