Dental Nurse Career

Career Description:

The dental nurse, also known as a dental assistant, is a profession where one can be part of the dental field minus years of formal dental education.  The dental nurse assists the dentist in the daily operation of a dental clinic.  He is in charge of cleaning, safekeeping and maintenance of dental instruments or equipments.  He takes notes and keeps all dental records.  The dental nurse also takes care of schedules or appointments, collection of payments and patient support.  A dental nurse may be tasked to remove sutures, apply topical anesthetics, remove excess cement of fillings, process dental x-rays, and other minor tasks.  This career requires one to take up courses and have relevant experience in order to meet certification requirements.

How to become a Dental Nurse

The aspiring dental nurse must at least earn a high school diploma.  Earn a dental assistant program degree from an accredited college or technical school. One must make sure to accomplish licensure requirements for a dental nurse or assistant required from your state. The requirements may vary depending on one’s location.  It is advantageous for an individual to secure a certification as well.  A certification is vital if one desires advancement.  To advance to a higher position, such as a dental hygienist or office manager, one has to pursue further studies in dental nursing.

Dental Nurse Courses, training, programs

A dental assistant program gives an aspiring dental nurse the necessary knowledge and skills.  One is trained to take on a role in assisting, infection control, dental radiology, and dental practice management. Employers also give hands-on training to newly-hired dental nurses to give them a view of the daily operations in the dental clinic.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Penn Foster Career School-Healthcare, Pennsylvania

Ashworth College, Georgia

Akron Institute, Ohio

Allied College, Missouri

American Career College, California

Dental Nurse Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A dental assistant may earn from $20,249 to $40,339 per year.  Becoming a dental assistant opens doors to a career of a dental hygienist, dental therapist or office manager.  One may secure employment in local government offices or private dental offices.

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