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Designing careers are successful only if the individual has a flair for designing. It is not something that can be cultivated, though training and experience does add a lot of extrinsic value. However, talent for designing, be it interiors or fashion, comes naturally and is a gift. Hence, a creative designer can work wonders in his or her career. Some of the necessary skills in this career are as follows:

  • Any designer must be aware of the trends at the moment and then work his own variation of it. Blindly following trends will not help, but nor can they be ignored as ever design and creation is contextual and located in a moment of time.
  • A designer must have his pulse on his clients or audience. He must primarily cater to their expectations. So creative satisfaction must be balanced with compromises for the client.
  • A designer must possess flexibility and variability. His designs cannot be repetitive as clients pay money for exclusivity. This calls for a thorough upgrading of skills and the designer will be expected to come up with something unique every time.

Thus one can make a successful career in design only through passion and dedication. Initial deterrents must not be taken to heart and the individual must keep the passion burning within him in order to make a mark.

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