Diesel Mechanic Career

Career Description

The career of a diesel mechanic revolves around working with diesel engines. The diesel mechanic, through formal education and training, handles trucks, buses, tractors, ships, cranes, bulldozers and trains.  With a running knowledge of computer applications, he is able to diagnose problems and make the necessary repairs.  The diesel mechanic is also tasked to monitor and check performance of diesel vehicles.  He makes sure that these are well maintained and can be used for various operations.  To do all these, a diesel mechanic has the ability to use and work with tools such as wrenches, pliers, drills, and screwdrivers.  He is also trained to use equipments for testing and troubleshooting. As one handles heavy equipment, one must be physically fit.

How to become a Diesel Mechanic

The aspiring diesel mechanic must take the necessary training program for this type of career.  One may earn an associate’s degree in diesel mechanics and technology.  Gain skills in engine repair, troubleshooting, and computer use.  One may obtain a certification through the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Pursuing continuing education classes will help one become updated with the changes in technology.

Diesel Mechanic Courses, training, programs

As degree program in diesel mechanics and technology helps one in gaining the necessary technical skills required.  The program includes various areas such as diesel engine technology, fuel systems, hydraulics, electricity, brake systems, truck chassis, air conditioning systems, and diesel electronic fuels.  With the program, a student has the opportunity to apply theories into practical situations through workshops.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

College of Ozarks, Missouri

Utah State University, Utah

Andrews University, Michigan

Penn Foster Career School (online learning)

Lincoln Technical School (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania)

Diesel Mechanic Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Depending on years of experience, a diesel mechanic has may earn from $29,517 to $82,585 per year.  Employment may be secured in various manufacturing companies, repair shops or government agencies.  One also has a chance to become self-employed.  Career advancement is a possibility by gaining much experience, education and formal training. Once can advance to become a supervisor, manager, superintendent or engineer.

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