Digital Advertising Career

With more and more people choosing to buy products online and getting to know about them on the internet, the need for digital advertising has increased tremendously. However, the career is not as easy as it sounds and care should be taken to understand it thoroughly before actually opting for it. It calls for tremendous talent and the ability to come up with ideas on the move.

How to become a digital advertiser:

The job of a digital advertiser is very similar to that of a web advertiser or an online advertiser. With the advent of digital media and technology, the manner in which a product is marketed or pitched to an audience changes drastically. This is where a digital advertiser comes in.

Digital advertising career courses, training, programs:

A digital advertising career involves being trained in various kinds of courses. These are quite exciting and the various things taught in the courses include online advertising, SEO training, web development, content development, content editing and proofing, graphic designing, management of internet traffic and so on.

Digital advertising career schools/colleges, education:

As far as formal education is concerned, a degree in a relevant field like mass communication, digital advertising, advertising, journalism, management or marketing can be obtained. A Master’s degree in any of these subjects also adds value to a CV. However, formal education has to be backed up with work experience and more seminars, workshops, training programs should be added to the CV.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Michigan State University

Penn State University

The Art Institute of California

University of Illinois

Digital advertising job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A digital advertising job pays well depending on the kind of projects handled, the status of the clients and whether the digital advertiser is freelancing or working with an agency. Generally, the pay is something between 35000 to 50,000 USD per annum.

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