Disability Sports Development Manager Career

A disability is never a reason for exclusion in the sports arena.  People with physical disabilities are as qualified as others in joining sport programs.  It is the job of a disability sports development manager to plan and develop sports programs for them.  This career requires one to motivate and involve people with disabilities to use their skills in sports to their full potential.  Being able to make them realize how sports can help them in many aspects of their lives is just one of the challenges.  Creating sport opportunities can be challenging but being a part of making a difference in one person’s life has its rewards.

How to become a Disability Sports Development Manager

If one is aspiring to become a development manager in sports, he must engage himself in sport related training programs.  A degree in sports development manager is a must to be able to acquire knowledge and skills in sports management.  An individual may pursue higher studies after his bachelor’s  degree, this will in turn gives one an edge in securing good employment.  Working with disabled people requires one to get trained in handling people with specific disabilities.  A disability sports development coach will be in direct contact with different types of people so one has to have excellent communication skills.

Disability Sports Development Manager Courses, training, programs

A degree in sports development management covers courses in organizing and managing sport events, sport development, sport management and strategizing.  One is also trained in sport coaching, physical education, health and diseases.  Internships are also available to further equip the student with practical and hands-on experience.  These programs will enable the aspiring disability sports development manager to be able to do his job excellently.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Massachusetts

Bowling Green State University

University of Texas-Austin

University of South Carolina

Northwestern University

Disability Sports Development Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

One can find employment opportunities in schools, non-profit organizations and other sport agencies.  To compensate for the challenges of a disability sports development manager, he may receive an average of $50,000 every year.  This career leaves room for growth and professional advancement.



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