Disc Jockey Career

A disc jockey, also popularly known as DJ is a person who plays recorded music in front of a group of people or audience. He uses discs and audio records to play music. His job demands him to be creative and for that purpose different DJs mix and match different tracks in order to create a good effect. Disc jockeys can be of various kinds depending upon the place they play music. DJs can be employed in bars, discos, restaurants and even stadiums.

How to become a disc jockey

There is no age criterion for a person to become a DJ. Infact there are no specific educational qualifications which are required for a person to qualify for this job position. Since a Disc jockey can be required to speak on the microphone and communicate with his audience, therefore a course in mass communication can be considered as an advantage for someone who is interest in becoming a disc jockey. One should also have enough knowledge about music and history of music in order to do justice to this job profile. A person can be asked to give a screen test before recruitment.

Disc Jockey courses, training and programs

There are several short term music courses which can be taken up by interested candidates. Infact a diploma in a music course is one of the best ways to easily get through the job profile of a disc jockey. Disc jockeys should be trained in audio mixing, matching of beats and scratching in order to impress the audience.

Top 4 colleges and universities

Berklee College of Music, Boston

Manhattan School of music, Manhattan

Ali Akbar College of music

Longy School of music

Disc Jockey job opportunities, recruitment and salary

There is quite a lot of scope in the field of music playback. Though attaining recognition in this area of work is very difficult and it needs a lot of luck in order to succeed. The salary that a disc jockey can earn is around $400 to $600.

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