Display Artist Career

Display artists also known as window dressers or visual artists are responsible for dressing mannequins and beautifying the general display of items or products in a store. It requires certain visualization skills as well as creative thinking. Display artists work complements the in-store promotions and is targeted at attracting store visitors and consumers. A display artist’s career is considered to be a niche and career success depends on conceptualizing, designing as well as implementing window displays consistently.

How to become a Display Artist:

There are no specific educational requirements for display artists. Some stores would require a minimum of a graduate degree while others are fine with a diploma. There are several programs offered by reputed and accredited institutions, which are valuable towards knowledge gaining and practical experience. These programs offer an insight into what is required for in-store design and can catapult an aspiring display artist’s career. Innovative thinking and the ability to conceptualize and implement design ideas is a pre-requisite for this type of career.

Display artist career courses, training, programs:

Those who want to pursue a display artist career can always start with a Bachelor degree in Exhibition & Retail Design or in Retail Design Management. Some of the other educational qualifications that one can pursue include foundation or associate degree in visual merchandising & promotional design; associate degree in visual design and display; advanced diplomas in pos (point-of-sale) design and certificate courses in visual merchandising.

Display artist career schools/colleges, education:

The most sought after course for display artist career is bachelor’s degree in exhibition and retail design. Most programs for display artists offer opportunity to aspiring artists in the form of practical design, internship or project work. Most degree programs are for duration of 3-4 years and include subjects like Building and Design Technology, CAD and Visualization, Interior Design, 2D digital design, technical drawing and typography among others.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

University of Arizona

Texas State University-San Marcos

University of Akron

University of Georgia

Central Michigan University         

Display Artist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a display artist in the USA varies from $40,000 to $43,000 annually and one can receive average bonus of $8,339 annually as well.

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