Document Management Career

Career Description:

Documents, whether it is electronic or not, is very essential to a business.  Without any document management, business operation will suffer.  Through document management, business information and other important documents are managed, organized, stored, and secured.  Information may be easily retrieved and monitored with efficient document management.  An organization’s documents include payroll, invoices, contracts, personnel documents, human resource materials, and other business files.

Working on and heading document management is a document manager.  The document manager is responsible in making all documents and specific information accessible to a specific group of people.  He is also tasked to collect, organize, and store documents. It is his job to manage a document management system that will help one update, trace and retrieve documents.  He is to hire, train and evaluate staff.  As one leads the IT staff, he has to have strong leadership, communication, analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

How to become a Document Manager

Having the right skills and abilities gives one an opportunity to build a career in document management.  To become a document manager, one must earn a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, computer science, information system management or other related field. Gain relevant experience in document management.  Moving up to a document manager position requires one to gain enough skills and experience in managing document management systems.  Continue to learn and take advantage of opportunities to take advanced courses.  Acquire skills in administration, management, and communication.  Be updated with the changes and trends in the industry.

Document Management Courses, training, programs

Computer engineering courses allows one to gain a background in various areas.  Subject areas include engineering, math, physics, calculus, communication, computer science, circuit analysis, software development, digital logic design, computer architecture, operating systems, computer networks and other computer-related courses.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania

Stanford University, California

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

University of California, Berkeley, California

Document Management Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A document manager may earn an average of $48,600 per year and a maximum of $93,200 per year.  One may find employment in various industries, both private and public.

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