Dog Trainer Career

Dog Trainer as a Career

If you love dogs and can handle people with ease – Dog Training could be the right career for you. However to become a successful professional in this, it would take you a great deal of time, patience and determination.

To begin with you should be aware that being a Dog Trainer requires you to coach not just the pet but manage the owner too. And one should be flexible enough to work with any breed and be prepared for challenges. You should also be ready for the risks involved. There is no degree required to become a dog trainer, but you should attain knowledge and hands-on experience before offering your services to the public.

Dog Training Courses, Training and Certification:

It is not necessary for attending a school or acquiring a certificate for Dog Training. One can start with self education. Read books, attend seminars, watch DVDs. After assimilating enough theoretical knowledge try getting practical experience. You can be an apprentice under another trainer or volunteer to work at your local shelter or with rescue groups. Shelter/rescue work is a great way to get hands-on experience with dogs of various breeds and temperament.

There is also a certification offered by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers ( Certification as a Dog trainer and as a Dog Training Instructor also available through IACP ( Certification is not a mandate but would enable you to improve your credibility.

Finally one-time course is not an end. For further growth you need to keep yourself updated with the new techniques in the field.

Dog Training Schools and Colleges:

There are large numbers of schools for dog trainers which teach basic dog training methods, along with the detailed study of dog behavior and dog psychology. Apart from this they can also groom you for Business Management and People Management in this field. These schools can be expensive and would require time commitment but can give you a more formalized and complete education as a dog trainer. You can always showcase these courses for building your career. Apart from such schools there are correspondence courses also available, but they have to be coupled with hands-on experience to be effective.

You can also consider joining The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), an organization of professional trainers who are dedicated to excellence in dog training through education. Apart from being a source of knowledge repository, it can help you increase your network in this field.

Dog Trainer Job Opportunities:

Depending on your interest you can choose your mode of work. You can be self-employed, starting your own business. You can also work for some existing business or be a trainer at a dog training centre. You can be a dog training teacher yourself and can take group classes or do private lessons, or both. You can take up the activity as a part-time job or can make a living as a full-time trainer depending on how much time you can spend and how much demand there is for trainers in your geographic area. Advertising and enlisting yourself in some network group would help you a lot incase you are starting independently. Your annual income is subjected to your experience, reputation and location. To be more successful professionally, you don’t just need subject expertise but lot of good will and visibility also.

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