Drilling Supervisor Career

The drilling supervisor career involves developing operational plans and supervision of drilling staff.  The responsibilities and duties of a drilling supervisor cover day-to-day supervision of operations, machine maintenance, drilling site evaluation, implementation of safety rules and regulations, coordination of activities, plan and develop designs, and make proposals.  He is tasked to handle the budget, ensure safety of the staff, control impact of the operation to the environment, and handle documentation activities.  The drilling supervisor is to provide reports and make sure that daily operations are well documented.

How to become a Drilling Supervisor

The aspiring drilling supervisor must earn a degree in engineering.  One may pursue an associate or bachelor’s degree in engineering technology.  Specializing in mechanical, civil or industrial engineering will allow one to have an in-depth study of a specific field of engineering.  Search for an entry-level position and gain employment.  Gaining relevant experience will allow one to move up to a supervisory position.  Obtain a license or certification by attending training programs and passing the exam.  One may gain certification through certifying bodies like the International Association of Drilling Contractors.

Drilling Supervisor Courses, training, programs

Engineering technology covers various disciplines where one may choose a specialization according to one’s interest.Mechanical engineering technology allows the student to focus on design and utilization of mechanical devices, products or components.  Civil engineering technology, on the other hand, covers surveying, highway engineering, applied mechanics, fluid and soil mechanics, steel and concrete designs, and engineering materials.  Industrial engineering technology covers analysis and design, materials science, hydraulics, pneumatics, shop processes, ergonomics, plant lay out, production planning, facility planning, and manufacturing.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of California-Berkeley, California

California Institute of Technology, California

Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia

Drilling Supervisor Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A drilling supervisor has the opportunity to earn $40,000 per year.  The salary would depend on the location of work, type of employer, years of experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in various industries involved in mining or extraction. One may work in offshore or onshore sites.

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