Drug Safety Specialist Career

Career Description

Drug Safety Specialists are the professionals who attain additional information and training about the research on the drug information along with evidence based evaluation of any drugs and formulation management. They are also trained in designing of the drug policies along with disbursement methodologies. They inform and educate the patients and medical professionals about the new safety and regulation methods which are soon-to-be-developed in the medical field. They also carry deep knowledge about the drug research, drug trial findings and potential side effects of the drugs in the market.

How to Become a Drug Safety Specialist

To become a drug safety specialist one must have keen interest about the research and development happening in medical science. They are required to complete the process of becoming a pharmacist and after their graduation they can complete Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) with clearing the license exam and participating in the residency training programmes.

Drug Safety Specialist Career Courses, Training, and Programs

An efficient drug safety specialist must have thorough know how about the drug safety rules and regulation procedures. They can attain a degree in pharmacy along with participating in license programs. Numerous training and diploma programs are also available for the candidates who wish to become drug safety specialist. After completing the pharmacist degree the candidates can go for specialised training programmes.

Drug Safety Specialist Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Many universities and colleges offer specialised drug regulation programs for the aspiring candidates. After completing the pharmacist degree the candidates can go for specialised training programmes.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Florida

Sanford Brown

Kaplan University

Walden University

Drug Safety Specialist Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

A person willing to work as drug safety specialist can work in various hospitals, clinics, research laboratories and colleges. The average salary offered to a drug safety specialist is $52,000 per annum and it may vary according to the experience and certification of the candidates.

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