Drug Testing Career

A career in drug testing is one which involves screening of drug and alcohol tests for assigned patients. The candidate has many important duties to fulfill such as collection and analysis of urine samples, make use of approved testing techniques and equipments during drug testing, and maintain proper records for specimens collected etc. The candidate should possess good communication and interpersonal skills that help in maintain information flow properly. Even possessing knowledge of interviewing techniques is an ideal skill that a drug testing candidate should possess to shine in this career.

How to Become a Drug Testing Professional

For a candidate to take up the profession of drug testing it is essential to have a high school diploma with a good GED score as well.

An enrolment in a bachelor’s degree is essential before acquiring a certification in drug testing and analysis from a reputed and accredited training institute.

Drug Testing Career Courses, Training, Programs

In order to pursue a profession in drug testing the candidate should have good knowledge of psychology, forensic science, mental illness, behavior understanding to be able to handle patients.

Even candidate who have practical training in a community arrangement are preferred as it provides good exposure in handling difficult patients. Obtaining first aid training and CPR training is an added advantage for the candidate seeking this drug testing profession.

Drug Testing Career Schools/Colleges, Education

Some of the top universities in the US offer various courses that a drug testing profession aspirant can take up. These courses are designed to provide not only theoretical training but also extensive practical drug testing and analysis training which are very beneficial for the candidate.

Top 4 Colleges/Universities

University of Miami

Brookhaven College

University of South Alabama

University of Michigan

Drug Testing Job Opportunities, Salaries/Pay

The average salary of a drug testing candidate is about $51,000 and has prospects of growing at the rate of 18% per annum for candidates acquiring higher qualifications and experience in the field.

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