Early Childhood Education Career

An early childhood education career revolves around the care and education or young children.   It requires creativity and patience.  An individual may choose to become a teacher assistant/aide or teacher.  Either way, one must have the necessary skills and ability to educate young minds.  An early childhood teacher assistant or aide provides support for the teacher in the implementation of activities.  One also provides assistance to students and may have one-on-one sessions to help a student cope up with lessons.  The teacher, on the other hand, takes care of lesson planning, administering discipline, and evaluating each student’s progress.

How to become an Early Childhood Education Professional

An early childhood education career as a teacher assistant or aide requires one to have at least a high school diploma.  In some locations, a teacher assistant or aide must earn a certificate or associate degree in early childhood education. On the other hand, an early childhood teacher or educator must earn a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education.  Obtain certification to gain employment.  One may pursue further studies and earn a master’s or doctorate degree.  Graduate studies will allow one to specialize and focus in specific areas of early childhood education. Having a master’s or doctorate degree opens doors for advancement and higher salaries.

Early Childhood Education Courses, training, programs

Early childhood education courses covers various areas such as general education electives, communication biology, mathematics, sociology, early childhood education, child development, health, safety and nutrition, guidance and discipline, art and creative development, early childhood literacy, cultural diversity, and curriculum development.  The program includes internships which provide an avenue for practical learning.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.

Kaplan University (online learning)

Capella University (online learning)

Walden University (online learning)

Northcentral University (online learning)

Early Childhood Education Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Having a background in early childhood education gives one an opportunity to work in day care centers, preschools, elementary schools or other specialized schools.  Depending on the work location, employer, and experience, one may be able to earn an average of $29,000 per year.

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