Economic Analyst Career

Economics is a branch of science that deals with the social conditions of the society. It is a science that helps one to analyze and prepare detailed reports on the consumption and production of goods and resources of a country. And the person, who is in charge of preparing these reports, is known as an economic analyst.

The main job of an economic analyst is to prepare resourceful reports which help one to understand the position of a state or a company at a glance. A person thinking for a career as an economic analyst must be well conversant with statistics and mathematics to begin with. And a little knowledge of political science is always welcomed, as it would be helpful while deduction of trade policies and relations of countries.

How to become an economic analyst:

Those who have an incessant spirit within them and excel in providing explanations; this career is an ideal choice for them. But, the most important requirement for making this a career choice is having good grades in all the semesters in college as well as in high school.

Economic analyst Career/ Courses/ Training programs

Opt for related subjects like economics from the beginning of your career and stock up on current affairs as they are inevitable pieces of information for someone who is looking for a career as an economic analyst.

Economic analyst: career schools/ Colleges/ Education.

People who are willing to carve out a niche in the world of financial affairs by choosing a career as an economic analyst, should first opt for the subject from high school level, or be an apprentice in local shops where such a knowledge is required; as experience is the best teacher. Huddle up from the beginning and get into a good college which offers special assistance to students pursuing economics. Get a bachelors degree followed by a masters degree and be sure of aiming high. Knowing several languages can also be helpful sometimes.

Top 5 schools for economic analysts:

  • London School of Economics
  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University

Economic analyst Salary/ Job opportunities/ recruitment:

Salary of an economic analyst varies across the US. It is best to get admission in a good graduation school and the rest will surely fall into place. Salary for an economic analyst varies from $50000 to $60000 and poses a good accelerator for ones career. The salary also varies depending upon the qualifications, experience and skill sets of the candidate.

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