Economic Consultant Career

The job of an Economic Consultant is to help the clients take correct financial decision. They use their economic skills to advise their clients. They maybe a consultancy firm member or self employed.  They help the client to decide budgeting, accounting, tax, investment and finance related fields. In a way they are financial advisors of a company.

How to become an Economic Consultant

Candidates who have a dream to be an economic consultant should specially take up courses in finance. A bachelor’s degree should be taken with accounts and take up finance specialization in their master of business administration. To understand the financial status and requirement of a business the student should have good analytical skills. An aspiring economic consultant should possess a minimum of 4 years of experience.

Economic Consultant Career Course, training, programs

Students should have knowledge of economics, statistics and math. Specialize training in various subjects of finance is helpful. These courses help the student to develop necessary knowledge, abilities, aptitude and talent to become a batter financial consultant. Various companies provide internship to give the students knowledge and experience.

Economic Consultant Career schools, colleges, education

There are many colleges and universities which include it in their coursework. They provide the best education and excellent knowledge in this field. The colleges make it necessary to cover the entire practical and theory coursework.

Top 5 colleges/ universities

  • Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Michigan State University
  • American College, Pennsylvania
  • Claremont College
  • Portland State University

Economic Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay

An economic consultant should have both education as well as experience to get paid well. Various sectors which employ economic consultant are banking, insurance, investment etc. The annual salary of an economic consultant ranges from $30,000 to $1, 25,000. It is a great career for any economic loving student, with a high income.

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