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The primary job of an economist is to apply the theoretical knowledge of the subject in various facets of the society ranging from government to industry to other social perspectives. The tenets of the work are centered on studying an economic phenomena or its absence and analyzing deeply to extract findings and form conclusions and recommendations. The study involves rigorous quantitative exploration of the available data via advanced software and statistical knowledge in several of the cases. The interpretation of data is the key for the optimized processing of the information into feasible solutions that the economists aim at.

How to become an Economist:

As the title of the career suggests, it is obvious that in order to become an economist one needs to study economics at the under-graduation level. Many of the interested students further pursue their studies by attaining master’s degree in economics from reputed universities.

For broadening the spectrum of opportunities, a few of those also go for management studies.

Courses, training, programs:

The course modules in various training programs are apt for the candidates who have aim to become a successful economist. The training is extensive and focuses on sharpening the acquired skills of the candidates.

Economist career schools/colleges, education:

The US boasts of the best colleges in the world to study economics. The colleges and the universities have top-class infrastructure and renowned professors who guide the students to understand the exhaustive details of the subject with a practical approach.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard University

Brown University

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chicago University

University of Maryland

Economist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Both the public and private organizations recruit economists all through-out the world. The multinational corporations, the public administration, consultancies and banks and other financial organizations need economists to function. The starting salary of a newly recruited economist is around $ 70,000 exclusive of perks. In some cases, this amount may cross the $1, 00,000/annum mark.

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    what subjects does one have to do in order to become an economist?????

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