Electronic Engineering Career

Cell phones, virtual reality, GPS, The internet, fiber optic communication, computers … all these technologies were made possible because of the enormous power and versatility of electronic engineering.

How to Become an Electronic Engineer

How do you know electronic engineering is the right career for you? For many, this is a dilemma questions, but ask yourself this: Are you genuinely interested in how systems and devices operate? Do you have a tendency to ‘think’ with machine and have a lot of passion in sciences, especially physics? Well, if yes, then you need to equip yourself with your high school papers and make your application to colleges and universities that offer electronic engineering courses. You must also have good written and oral communication skills because they will prove vital during your career.

Types, Description and Information on Electronic engineering

Electronic engineers who have a desire to advance to advance in their careers should view the technical education they get in colleges as a springboard for continued learning.  Electronic engineers work in a variety of environments depending on one’s specialty area. Research institutions usually have a multi-step system for grading electronic engineer so they can advance depending on their educational qualifications and training, experience and job performance. Electronic engineering technicians in the private industry may advance to management or supervisory levels if they prove to be skilled, highly effective and organized.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

Schools, Colleges and education

Once you choose to study electronic engineering and you find the right course I the suitable college or university, you must then pick your area of interest or specialization. Specialized training will ensure that your options are narrowed to a specific beneficial field; this will save you time and money. Areas you can specialize in include product development, equipment repair, product testing, research, field service, sales or marketing and customer service. Some of the top colleges and universities in the country offering electronic engineering courses include

1. University Of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR

2. ITT Technical Institute, AR

3. University Of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, AL

4. San Jose State University- CA

5. University of Alaska – Fairbanks

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

There is a bright future for electronic engineers. Many companies currently cannot find enough workers to fill the positions in the country. This translates to higher wages for qualified electronic engineering technicians, and faster potential to promotion. There is an excellent opportunity for advancement for electronic engineers, especially for those who keep abreast with the rapid changes in technology and new inventions. In 2008, there was an average 4,000 job openings for electronic engineers. The average earning for a qualified electronic engineer according to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics was $50,660 while the starting salary was listed as $28,662 per year.


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  1. sourav dash says:

    I am agraduate in electronics &electrical engineering.I have special interest towords telecom sector.
    Please show me the right way ,so that i ll get success in my career.

  2. kishore says:

    sir/mam plz help me as im doing as trainee in a mech. comp is it helpful for me in my future or im doing anything wrong

  3. AVINASH says:

    i am a student studying electronics n communication in 3rd sem,basically m always attracted towards sea,so my query s can i get a job in ships or something?if s then wat will be pay scale…please guide me…

  4. Victor says:

    naw im just playing around
    i want to be an engineer, please help me to get to that, any info?

  5. mohd.ehson says:

    sir/mam i am pursuing my engineering degree in electronics. i want to be an astrophysics. how can i be? PLESE GUIDE ME

  6. Balava says:

    I am completed my Btech ECE, with 66%, what is the best opportunity for me towards core side which helpful in future..
    pls suggest me :-)..

  7. Lavish maheshwari says:

    Sir I have completed my B.E in electronics and communication in the year 2010 with 60%,I am searching for a job in software field so guide me to get a good job in this field.

  8. vandanaa says:

    Dear sir/ma’am,
    I did B.tech (Electronic and communication engineering). Please suggest me in which way i should go. I want to take telecom testing course. some of them said that there are no opertunities in telecom testing, infact software testing is better they said. Which course i should do. waiting for ur reply.

  9. Sana says:

    Hello sir. I completed B.tech in ECE in 2010 with 74% marks.I was interested in teaching field from begining so decided to go for m.tech but since last two times my GATE exam has not been going good enough to get iit or top nit.i’m not even a bit interested in software,but i like government sector job and telecom.what should i do now?i want to settle soon and in a better way.

  10. umadevi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I did B.E in Electronic and communication Engineering . college days i did course in VHDL and verilog.. i am very much interest in research and development kind of jobs in Electronics and communication field… i have 3 yrs work exp in c++,VB.net..i didnt satisfied with the software jobs.. i want to work in my core field..Please give guide lines to work in the electronics company..

  11. jobin john says:

    I completed my bsc electronics, i would like to do any electronics related diploma course , there are lot of options infront of me( chip leveling& designing, instrumentation…etc) can you please suggest me a good electronics related diploma course???

  12. Akhil Kumar says:

    I have Good Knowledge of Computer’s (Hardware & Software) & electronics. I make electronic toys, or other things like oven with the help of heater elements, I also Assemble computers, and repair them etc.
    please tell me which engineering course will be best for me.

  13. Pruthvik says:

    Sir i am an ECE student studying in 4th year …sir i want to pursue my further studies …my intrest is to go in maths stream is it possible???wat are the ways and course can be done??

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