Employee Benefit Consultant Career

Career Description

An employee benefit consultant is a person who is responsible to develop policies and schemes for company staff benefits such as pension, medi-claims, different allowances, insurance etc.  He has to keep these schemes and policies suitable to company’s yearly budget and he is also expected to suggest or make policies to raise funds for those benefit schemes.

How to Become an Employee Benefit Consultant

As the career description says, an employee benefit consultant should be well aware of state and federal laws related to pension and employee benefits. He should posses a good knowledge of company finance and business to make employee benefit schemes accordingly. Sound knowledge of accounting fundamental is also a pre requisite.

Employee Benefit Consultant Course, Training Programmer

This job requires knowledge of pension schemes and their management. Therefore, concerned people can join pension management courses or programme run by private institutes. Apart from that, MBA in HR can also help to know the company’s employee benefit policies and employee’s needs as well. Specialized programme in economics, business law and finance will be a good advantage.

Employee Benefit Consultant School/College/Education

In USA, many good college and universities are offering quality MBA in HR management and in business management course both as bachelor and master degree. You can join either of them. However, it would be good to have a master degree in concerned subject. Besides a diploma in account principles would help you more to keep proper records of employees and their respective benefits.

Top 5 school/College/Universities

The College of  Business at Tennessee

Chapman Graduate  School of Business

W.P. Carey School of Business

Cornell University

University of Redland School of Business.

Employee Benefit Consultant Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salaries

The salary for this job depends on company size and the employee strength of company as well. The median salary for this job is $66,530 according to bureau of labor statistic. Apart from salary employee benefit consultant, get paid holidays, pension plans and insurance cover as well.

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  1. nolinge mboxo says:

    i would like to join this field.Its amazing to me because I’m interested in working with employees and employers.

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