Employee Training Career

Employers are always on the lookout of increasing the efficiency of their workers, and for this purpose they call upon the services of professional Employee Trainers. Employee Trainers are expert in human resource development and are equipped with all the tools through which they facilitate employees into becoming more productive for the good of their employers. Employee Trainers essentially help personal and professional growth of workers.

Pursuing a Career in Employee Training

In order to be successful as an Employee Trainer, you would need to be driven the passion to share your knowledge and experiences with others. Individuals who have experience in business management and human resource management are ideal candidates to pursue a career in Employee Training. Mostly, different HR consultancy firms employ Employee Trainers; however, some major organizations also offer permanent job contracts to such professionals.

Employee Training Career: Qualification, Training Courses,

In order to become an Employee Instructor, the educational qualification varies from holding a Master’s degree to Doctorate. The higher the qualification, the better would be the chances of career growth. Licensure and professional training certification could also be among the requirements for the position. Related work experience could be mandatory for training certain types of employees, depending on the course under study.

Employee Training Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

The following vocational training institutes are among the leaders in the United States for employee training.

  • Institute of Executive Coaching
  • College of Executive Coaching
  • Career Coach Academy
  • University of Georgetown

Employee Training Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that the employment growth in Employee Training career is expected to be 9% in the period 2008-2018. Furthermore, their calculations also suggest that the median annual salary received by Employee Trainers is $51,850.

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