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An English tutor is recruited at a school or college to teach English. They can also be hired privately to teach English to individual students or a group of students to be as a tuition teacher.  The English tutor should be well learned and highly qualified in English teaching and training. Only candidates who are known to be good at English and have a reputation of teaching good English to students are recruited as English tutors. Below given are the career opportunities available for students in order to become an English tutor.

How to become an English Tutor:

Candidates who are interested to become English tutors should complete their diploma or graduation and post graduation in English language course. Courses that are available and can be pursued are BA in English, MA in English, Diploma in English teaching language, B.Ed. in English, etc.

English Tutor career courses, training, programs:

Candidates who would like to strengthen their candidates while applying for the position of English Tutor can opt for skill based training where they develop their skills in the highest levels of English, work towards improving the language towards making it a more common language in various nations, etc. However these are only optional and reflect the interest of an individual.

English Tutor career schools/colleges, education:

Various colleges and universities as mentioned below are well known to teach courses in English that can develop the skill of an individual to take on work responsibilities as an English tutor with dexterity.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Grand Canyon University

North Central University

Concordia University

DeVry University

Saint Joseph’s University

English Tutor job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Popular industries that hire English tutors are educational institutions, private and government English teaching schools and colleges, higher education colleges, etc. The minimum work experience expected from candidates who would like to become English tutors is 5-9 years although it is not mandatory. Candidates working as English tutors can get an hourly rate of $9 to $48 per hours. This translates to a total annual compensation of between $20,000 and $90,000.

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