Enterprise Architect Career

The use of computer-based systems in business is a crucial part of its success.  Connecting information technology with business is the job of an enterprise architect.  The enterprise architect uses his expertise to design, develop and maintain computer application software or utility programs.  He makes the necessary adjustments, changes and updates to improve computer systems.  He is responsible for the development of new applications, operating systems, software, and computer languages.  An enterprise architect is in the business of making improvements and suggestions to help an organization in their operations.  The enterprise architect needs to have excellent analytical and communication skills.  He must be able to cater to the business needs of an organization through information technology.

How to become an Enterprise Architect

The aspiring enterprise architect needs to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or other related field.  To advance in this field one may consider getting a master’s degree.  Get into internships or get a part-time job to gain practical skills and experience.  Experience in this type of career is required for one to move up the corporate ladder.  Another requirement is a certification.  Become a Certified Software Development Professional to gain favor when seeking for employment. Update oneself with the new developments in the industry.

Enterprise Architect Courses, training, programs

The background in computer systems, applications, software, engineering, math, programming and other computer-related courses is the stepping stone of an aspiring enterprise architect.  His knowledge, skills and experience gained from classes, internships and various training programs gives one the edge in the job market.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of California-Berkeley, California

Cornell University, New York

Enterprise Architect Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An enterprise architect earns an average of $108,000 per year.  Being considered in various industries as an enterprise architect requires one to have the right education or degree, experience through mentorship and employment, and updated knowledge of the new trends in the industry.  The career of an enterprise architect is quite a challenging job but it is financially rewarding.

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