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Entertainment industry offers job openings to people with different talents and aptitudes.  Whether you are a writer, a dancer, a musician or sportsman entertainment industry has something for everyone.  If you are interested in the financial aspect of this industry, thenEntertainment Business Management is a good choice.

Most people have limited vision about the job openings in this industry.  It is a huge industry and has many recruitment openings in the business operations division, logistics section, technical section, advertising and marketing divisions to name a few.

Career change from one of active performances to other related fields is an extremely viable option in this industry.  A number of dancers and musicians move on to be choreographers and teachers respectively.  Musicians have the choice of becoming conductors as well.  Similarly, actors move on to related fields like direction and production.

Administrators and Business Management graduates are in much demand in this industry.

Studies have shown that around 44 per cent of people working in the entertainment industry are below 35 years.   Many of them hold part-time jobs and are employed in the services sector of this industry.

Candidates with good communication and interpersonal skills get preference over others.  Competition is tough for these jobs as there are a number of vacancies for less qualified candidates as well.

Salaries in entertainment careers are expected to grow about 31 per cent between 2006 and 2016.  This is very high as compared to the average of 11 percent for all other industries.

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