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Studies have shown that around 40 percent of the workers in the entertainment field have no formal training in education other than a high school diploma.  The kind of course or degree you want to pursue depends a lot on the career path you choose.

If you choose performance arts, then most people learn while training under other experienced teachers.  This must however, be followed up with long hours of practice.

If you want to choose a management or business career in entertainment then you will need a degree in the specific field.  Some entry-level jobs may require only an associate degree, but it is important to complete your bachelor’s degree for any supervisory post.

A career as a recreational professional requires a bachelor’s degree in recreation, park resources or leisure services.  It is important to pursue the course from an accredited institute.  The American Association for Leisure and Recreation as also The National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) offer accreditations to reputed institutes.

Those opting for a career in the technical side of entertainment industry will require formal training in broadcast technology, sound engineering technology, communications technology etc.

The type of course you pursue will depend entirely on the choice of your career path.

Some of the popular schools, colleges and universities for entertainment careers are:

Western Michigan University

Brigham Young University

Boston University

Texas Tech University

University of Washington

American Intercontinental University and American Career College are among the top institutes offering online courses for entertainment careers.

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  1. Kishor says:

    PLEASE, can you say that, how many environmental colleges are in India. What is the qualification criteria required for these course.

  2. Munashe Mavesere says:

    I would like to ask if the combination of Mathematics,Geography,Biology good for Advanced level,which jobs wil i possibly have.THANK YOU

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