Environmental Analyst Career

An environmental analyst career is a dynamic career where researchers, field workers and analysts are actively involved in studying the environment and the effects of our policies and actions on the environment. By collecting data, samples and conducting studies on the environment, they find out ways of reducing the negative impact of man’s activities on the surroundings and also issue any warning if an action can be harmful to both man and nature.

How to become an environmental analyst:

An environmental analyst must have an interest in nature and how man and nature can live in harmony. He must be good in subjects like biology, chemistry and geology, physics etc at the high school level and gradually study these subjects at the graduate level.

Environmental analyst career courses, training, programs:

One needs to have more degrees for higher level jobs like a teaching or research job. Many universities, private or government organizations prefer someone with a PHD or at least a Master’s degree in a specialized subject for teaching or making environmental policies. Entry-level analysts can get a job with a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, biochemistry, applied chemistry, geology and so on.

Environmental analyst career schools/colleges, education:

There are many colleges and universities that provide the right kind of education and training of skills to secure a job in this field. These universities provide training in both regular and online courses.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

University of Phoenix

Cornell University

Kaplan University

Northcentral University

Environmental analyst career job opportunities, salaries/pay and recruitment:

Environmental analysts are in demand among both private and government organizations and also by universities and research labs. There is a wide range of jobs in this field which one can choose from. The job outlook is positive and is expected to grow throughout 2020. The average salary in this field is around $65,000, which increases with seniority and experience.

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